AH55_1_E3249-COTS-05_n[1] Time has been kind to the Cotswolds, a region flanked by Bath and Cheltenham; a region by no means dwarfed by its more famous neighbours despite its diminutive size. Overlooked as time has stood still the Cotswolds is now a secret tourist paradise. It has a diverse and varied landscape and at the highest point there is a sparkling gem called Cleeve Cloud perfect to view this stunning area of England. This is a city of revelations with beautifully preserved medieval town. An added value to the hidden sanctuary of Cotswolds is the cottage at the heart of limestone hills. The Cotswolds Cottage Holidays captures the undulating lines of a mixture of modernism and classical cottages in the hues of the sea and mountainAT76-E4346-EX1-H_n[1] from which famous native Cotswolds breed of sheep is predominant.

The Cotswolds Cottage Holidays relaxing ambience, luxurious amenities and the breathtaking view of the mountain and sea capture the pure essence of what a holiday is really all about. Discover the outstanding natural beauty of the vibrant cities and dynamic bustling market towns of Cotswolds at your own pace. It is flooded with  attractions, monuments, museums, parks, gardens and great places for family days out. You will certainly enjoy range of indoor and outdoor activities because Cotswolds is always graced by fine weather that is very ideal for fishing, swimming and diving to surrounding beaches that are not more than 25 miles from the coast. But if you prefer land activities; enjoy the extreme adventures and delights that Cotswolds Cottage will offer you.

A055_1_E1082-COTS-04_n[1] Upon entering any of the Cotswolds Cottage Holidays, guests will definitely be engulfed with a sense of harmony and lifted by the sense of enrichment with the presence of ladies and gents in traditional Cotswolds silk costume. A single gesture of politeness of the staffs depicts a thousand years of Cotswolds culture, whose young and aggressive vision shows that their cottages is here to break its silence and assert itself as a top competitor among England’s luxury cottages.  For any types of occasion, it is best to secure reservations as early as possible. Check out their travel website for special hassle-free packages, inclusive of accommodations, transportation and events ticket.