Cottage Breaks in Nottinghamshire Famous as the hideout of the legendary English outlaw Robin Hood during the late 14th or early 15th century, the county of Nottinghamshire in central England is very popular by the historical Sherwood Forest. Many travelers from any parts of the world sojourn to this county just to discover the hidey-hole of the most renowned renegade of the history. If you want to take a full grasp of the hilly and well preserved area of the Sherwood Forest, grab your holiday accommodation in the Cottage Breaks in Nottinghamshire. It will take you to the hidden wealth of the county and most especially, to the concealed treasure and mystery of the Sherwood Forest.

More than being the hideout of Robin Hood, the Sherwood Forest formerly known as the royal forest lies between the Nottingham and the Worksop. It is endowed with abundant floras and faunas and well preserved wildlife creatures. There are also several oak trees that could be found in the forest which aged 100 years old but still standing and gracing the beauty of the milieu. Most of the Cottage Breaks in Nottinghamshire is located in the stretches of hills of Sherwood A Relaxing Cottage in Nottinghamshire Forest, giving you an overlooking view of the varied and beguiling panoramas in the horizon – abundant vegetation, green hills, soaring mountains, sun-bathe seas and beaches and steep vales. Although they are located in the highland areas, the antiquated villages and market towns are still few miles away from the cottages. You could rent a mountain bike or a flat car if you want to have an easier and faster mode of transportation. But if you want to experience the scenic nature firsthand, you could climb down the hills at your own pace. Of course, there are experienced mountain climbers to guide you on your trip.

The county of Nottinghamshire is also noted by its fresh fruits and vegetables served during mini gatherings and parties. The Cottage Breaks in Nottinghamshire usually hosts night parties where they served traditional and exotic foods of the county. Only the cordon bleus of the region prepare the cuisines for your gustatory satisfaction.