image Comprised of vast area of rolling hills and shattered by the Thames River, the Oxfordshire also known as Oxon lies in the Southern England and is one of the top tourist spots in the whole country. This county shelters many varied and beguiling landscapes – sea of green hills, soaring mountains traversing chalks atop, fertile valleys, flowing rivers adjoining the estuaries and abundant floras and faunas.

You will surely be enthralled with all of these delights to see and all of the things to do whilst directly engaging with nature. Your holiday will surely be filled with lots of fun and enjoyment when you spend it in the Cottage Breaks in Oxfordshire. Stay deep in the heart of the countryside as their beautiful cottages will take you to its scenic nature and to the soul of rich history and culture of the inhabitants.

Aside from the stunning landscapes of the Oxfordshire, you will discover the relics of both prehistoric Cheap Cottages in Oxfordshireand Roman habitation. The rich historical past of power struggles happened during the English Revolution made this county a Royalist stronghold. These are clearly accounted in the narrative documents, memoirs and artifacts that could be seen in the old  museums of Oxford and Banbury.

The Cottage Breaks in Oxfordshire owners usually organize educational tours to the museums and other historical sites of the region. Your kids will surely love the tour as they will learn a lot from the tourist guides and from their destinations.

Aside from the museums, they will also tour you to the most famous Blenheim Palace. It is an important example of baroque architecture in England designed by notable British architects Sir John Vanbrugh and Nicholas Hawksmoor. After the tour, sojourns the old market town of Banbury which is famous for its market cross, where can buy lots of souvenirs and mementos. Oxfordshire is also famous for their musical plays; visit the Sheldonian Theatre that is also used for official ceremonies at Oxford University. Indeed, the Cottage Breaks in Oxfordshire will transport you to the many beguiling and historical places in the county, at your own pace.