image Cross the Ironbridge over the River Severn in Shropshire and be enthralled by its construction as a landmark event in the history of bridges. The county of Shropshire truly daunts its first cast-iron bridge to be successfully built, and the first large cast-iron structure of the industrial age. This bridge connects the divided regions of Shropshire and was regarded as the remarkable feat of engineering. From a tilled land and marshes of plains in the north, passing the Iron Bridge will bring you to a different landscape; a sundry of hills and soaring mountains in the south. These varied milieus of Shropshire have made the county a top tourist destination in western England. Spending your holiday or short breaks in this county will enable you to discover the hidden treasures of the nature and of their custom. The Cottage Breaks in Shropshire will certainly bring you to the most beguiling places of the county that you have never seen before.

Flee from the hustle and bustle of the Metropolis and from the stresses of workloads in the office. The Cottage Breaks in Shropshire will provide you a seamless countryside retreat of full comfort, relaxation and style. Most of their cottages lie in the highland rural areas with an overlooking view of the breathtaking panoramas. Since Shropshire enjoys a temperate Vintage Cottages in Shropshire climate with longer sunny days, it is ideal for outdoor activities like swimming, boating and mountain climbing. The beaches of Shropshire offer a sun bathe indulgence to all the sojourners who want to have a bronzed skin. They also provide diving and snorkeling equipments. But if you want indoor activities, the cottages have recreational facilities and a sports park. There is also a nearby golf club, soccer field and a bowling section.

The day would not be completed without a trip or a stroll to the nearby old villages and bustling market towns. The Cottage Breaks in Shropshire organizes several tours to the historical landmarks of the region. After a day of fun-filled adventures, have your alfresco banquet in the local restaurants, bars and mini cafes of Shropshire.