Cottage Holidays in Herefordshire are a great way to spend time with your loved ones. Renting cottages are a really cost effective way for a large family to holiday together as you pay per cottage and imagenot per person. Many of the cottages also allow pets too so you truly can have a holiday for the whole family.

While on your cottage break you can take a trip to many of the cider producing farms dotted around the region. Herefordshire is well known around for producing cider, a practice which dates back centuries. If you follow the cider trail, in whole or in part, you will come across a mixture of small retailers and larger producers of cider. You can even take a cycling tour of the Cider Route.

There are two different cycling routes you can take and are idea if you want to stay active while on your Cottage Holidays in Herefordshire The Ledbury Route is 20 miles in distance and the Pembury is 19 miles in total. There are full directions for each route Lovely Cottages Throughout Herefordshireon the official Cider Route website and touring this way is a great way to see the area.

If you enjoy cider then you may try to plan your visits around one of the many cider festivals held in Herefordshire each year. Each one is held in a different location and you get the chance to sample some of the produce as well. You can visit one or more of the cider producing farms during your stay you can even fashion your whole getaway around the farms and the festivals.  There are so many places to explore and discover when you stay on the Cottage Holidays in Herefordshire and you can choose the location you would most like to stay close by to.

You can rent out holiday cottages situated all over Herefordshire so you can guarantee no matter where you stay you are sure to be close to several of the top name farms in the area.