Cottage Holidays in Wiltshire

Cottage Holidays in WiltshireIf you are taking Cottage Holidays in Wiltshire then you will find that there is plenty to see and do in the county. You may be lucky enough to be located in or near Salisbury, a city which has served as an important strategic point for centuries. The city is home to a magnificent cathedral and many visitors come each year to see the sights of the town. There are many good shops, restaurants and quaint pubs which date back hundreds of years.  When you stay near to Salisbury you are centrally located and will have access to many of the attractions and the beautiful countryside and this is the perfect place to enjoy Cottage Holidays in Wiltshire.

Visit Stonehenge on the Cottage Holidays in Wiltshire

Stonehenge is a Truly Amazing Place to VisitNearby there is the world-famous Stonehenge. Now run by the National Trust, hundreds of thousands of visitors come each year to see this ancient monument. The area is particularly popular around the time of the summer solstice and thousands come to watch the sunrise.

Cottage Holidays in Wiltshire do not have to cost a lot of money. Langford Lakes nature reserve is free to visit and ideal for those who enjoy bird watching or walking. Children might like to go there for a picnic or learn more about the work that is done there.

Cottage Holidays in Wiltshire – Discover Salisbury

Quaint Cottages throughout WiltshireQueen Elizabeth Gardens in Salisbury has a programme of live music during the summer months and it does not cost anything to go there. There are a number of good walking trails around the city that give you the chance to sightsee without spending a great deal of money.

The city has a number of small theatres which are renowned for the quality of their productions. Some of these events are popular so will require those on Cottage Holidays in Wiltshire to purchase tickets in advance in order to avoid any disappointment. It does not cost anything to attend the choral evensong at the Cathedral which is not to be missed if you enjoy music. Each evening is like a concert and Beautiful Thatched Cottages in Quaint Villagesit is a peaceful way to spend some of your holiday.

There are plenty of cottages for you to choose from throughout Wiltshire and this beautiful countryside location is the ideal backdrop for a relaxing retreat at anytime of the year.  You may wish to combine your holiday and enjoy a short break in Wiltshire and then head off and enjoy one of the Cottage Holidays in Somerset and explore some of the amazing sights and attractions there. You will find excellent value self catering Cottage Holidays in Wiltshire are just waiting for you to stay within, so check them out today.