Cottage Holidays on the Isle of WightThere are some lovely places to enjoy a self catering break and the Cottage Holidays on the Isle of Wight are among the best. When you stay in a cottage it is possible for anyone wishing to return to a simpler time to just relax without any stress or pressure anywhere around them. The Isle of Wight is just off the south coast of England and is only a very short ferry ride from the mainland.

However this journey, though short is almost a journey backwards in time, to when life was not so busy and there was time to sit and relax and enjoy the surroundings on the beautiful island. It is a large island but only few people live there thanks to the fact that over half of the area of the land on the island is an official area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

It is a great location for walkers to go since it has hundreds of miles of walking routes to suit people of Superb Seaside Holiday Cottagesany age or ability so that everyone can enjoy the beauty of the island.

As well as the forests and paths there are inland, being an island there are obviously also miles of coastline with glorious beaches lining them. One of the most famous and popular beaches on the island is called Alum Bay which is noticed more than others because of the multi-coloured cliffs which surround it.

All of the Cottage Holidays on the Isle of Wight are based in places that offer easy access to anywhere on the mainland, the grand beaches and also the main resorts where people live such as Sandown and Charming, Rustic and Rural Cottage HolidaysVentnor, and all of them offer everything you would expect from a seaside resort including attractions and arcades for everyone to play in and enjoy.

Cottage Holidays on the Isle of Wight also give people the chance to see places of historical interest such as Carisbrooke Castle which was used as a prison for Charles I after the civil war and there is also Osborne House which was built as a holiday home for the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family but is now open for anyone to visit.