Cottage Weekend Breaks in the Lake District When booking Cottage Weekend Breaks in the Lake District location is everything. The Lake District covers a vast area and each region is completely unique although just as beautiful as the next. Windermere, perhaps the most famous of all the lakes in the Lake District offers fun and lively activities for young and old alike. For those who like water sports, wind surfing and water skiing then Windermere might be just the place for you. It is also perfect for smaller children, who although unable to take part in many of the water sport events can happily watch the proceedings from the safety of the lake edge. Paddling in Windermere is also completely safe.

Renting Cottage Weekend Breaks in the Lake District is also ideal for those looking for a romantic getaway. Grasmere Lake is one of the smallest lakes in the district and power boats are prohibited on these waters. This makes it ideal for a peaceful serene weekend away with a loved one to escape the Stunning Cottages Across the Lake Districthustle and bustle of everyday like.

Cottage holidays in the Lake District can also be a cultural experience. William Wordsworth is thought to have been inspired to write one of his most famous poems ‘Daffodils’ (Officially entitled ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’) and it is possible to visit his home ‘Dove Cottage’ near to Grasmere Lake. The cottage stands almost as it did when it was occupied by Wordsworth and is now a listed building.

Cottage Weekend Breaks in the Lake District offer much more than lakes and literature. The surrounding towns have souvenirs shops by the bucketful, quaint tea shops and in the larger towns high street retailers can be found. It is not possible to see the whole of the Lake District during one weekend but the natural beauty of the area will guarantee you will want to return.