Cottage Weekend Breaks in the Vale of YorkFor many people there are fond memories of cottage holidays and spending time away in locations all over the UK. Today they are still as popular as they ever were and there are more and more people choosing self catering over any other style of holiday. When you see the vast array of locations and the choices available to you, it is easy to see why this is the case.

Cottage Weekend Breaks in the Vale of York are ideal as there is so much to see and do you will never be bored. Weekend breaks are suited to those with children as often you cannot take children out of school for holidays during term time, but if you need a change of pace, a weekend getaway can be just the thing.

Be Active With the Cottage Weekend Breaks in the Vale of York

Cottage Weekend Breaks in the Vale of York can also be as active or as laid back as you like. You can fill up your whole weekend just by Massive Choice of Cottages to Rentexploring the city of York. You can take the Viking Walk, which is fine for both adults and children. You can learn all about York’s colourful past and see some great sights along the way.

Cruises on the River Ouse are a great way to sightsee at a completely relaxed pace. There are several companies running boat trips along the River Ouse so you should be able to pick one up without having to book in advance. They also offer a perfect photo opportunity as you get to see the city from a whole new perspective.

How About a Quiet Retreat for Two in the Vale of York

For something different for a romantic retreat then the Cottage Weekend Breaks in the Vale of York are Stunning Locations Across the Vale of Yorkgreat for couples wanting some alone time, or for large families looking to holiday together and enjoy some peace, quiet and tranquillity. You will find many holiday cottages to rent in quieter villages for those who want to relax and unwind. But in contrast, for those who love city life, plenty of shopping and nightlife, there are cottages for rent in the larger towns and cities in the area.

Whatever you are looking for from your time away, the Vale of York can offer you the perfect solution. There are also now many holiday cottages that will cater to those who wish to bring along the family pet. Pet friendly cottages are often set in quieter areas where there is plenty of open space for the pet to have walks.