Cottages in Devon Dubbed as one of Queen Elizabeth Islands, Devon is the fourth largest county of England that houses many of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites such as Dorset, East Devon Coast, Braunton Burrows and the Cornwall. With its coastal plains, low plateaus, expansive beaches and high mountains, it became the top tourist spot of England. Contemplating these gifts of nature, the Cottages in Devon make a perfect location for a family holiday. The cottages offer you multitude of delights and opportunities across the principal areas of Plymouth and Exeter and extends between the Bristol Channel on the north and the English Channel on the South.

 Cottages in Devon in the North and the wooded valleys of Exmoor offer you the chance to explore nearby quiet White Holiday Cottages with Refreshing Gardensvillages, stroll on the busy market towns, discover the relics of prehistoric habitation in museums and national parks, and unwind on the azure depths of the ocean. Sojourners like you will never be disappointed with the profusion of local attractions and with the abundance of flora and fauna in the area.

Sojourning the other side of Devon, Cottages in Devon in the south is located in the bleak granite tableland of Dartmoor. Cottages here are the most exquisite because of the idyllic ambiance and landscape surroundings. To really pamper yourself in these cottages, visit the local restaurants that will give you the real flavour of the county. 

While being enchanted with the beauty of North and South Devon, be enthralled with the distinct charm and simplicity of East Devon. Colourful Holiday Cottage FacadeAmongst these holiday cottages, those that are in the east will take you to a provincial life composing the rolling farmlands and the dramatic wilderness of the Exmoor National Park. Cottages holidays anywhere in Devon can introduce you to a world of smashing delights, family activities, inland and water sports adventures, secluded wilderness and much, much more. Whether you are looking for a family holiday, romantic vacation or short break, their cottages will take you to the infinite beauty and charm of Devon.