Dog Friendly Cottage Holidays in NottinghamshireThere are plenty of holiday options for people with dogs, but self catering is the best option.  Dog Friendly Cottage Holidays in Nottinghamshire are the ideal breaks for any family with a pet. Many people avoid going on holiday when they own dogs as they don’t like the thought of leaving them in kennels for the duration of the holiday.  Dog friendly holidays and breaks are one way to take away that worry. You get to spend the whole of your holiday with your dog, something that they will love too.

Nottinghamshire has plenty of parks and gardens for dogs to walk around. Some areas may have restrictions on dogs such as having to be kept on a lead at all times or being allowed to run free but only in certain areas. There are also plenty of forested areas that your dog will enjoy. Lively dogs or those needing a lot of exercise will enjoy these areas, while smaller dogs or older dogs that need less exercise will be content to wander around while still on the lead. Whatever your dog’s needs are there is the perfect area in Nottinghamshire to suit.

Enjoy Time Away at Anytime of the Year in the Cottage Holidays

Large Choice of Cottage AccommodationDog Friendly Cottage Holidays in Nottinghamshire can usually be taken over any period of time that suits you. Most holiday cottages do not have a minimum night’s stay, so taking a break for just one or two nights is possible if you have limited spare time. If however you have longer to spare or are not tied by any work commitments then it is possible to stay for several weeks.

This type of holiday is suitable for all year round breaks, ideal for those with big families and can be tailored to match any budget. The cottages often do not charge extra for allowing pets to stay, and many of them allow more than one dog, so if your family contains two three or even more four legged friends, there is a cottage that can accommodate you perfectly.

Nottinghamshire Attractions

Nottinghamshire has plenty to offer for a holiday or short break and below are just a few of the ways you can spend your time when you are on holiday and have your dog with you.

  • Sherwood Forest

Sherwood ForestOne of the most popular areas of Nottinghamshire has to be Sherwood Forest and you can enjoy miles of stunning woodlands with tracks and trails to follow.  The dogs will love the adventure and when the weather is fine you can take a picnic, or you might like to enjoy something to eat at one of the forest coffee shops.  This is one of the best loved forests in the UK and you can spend many days exploring and discovering the beauty of this area.  If you would like to learn more about the Sherwood Forest then you can from this useful resource Sherwood Forest Trust.

  • Rufford Park and Abbey

Rufford Park and AbbeyDeep in the heart of Robin Hood country you will find the Rufford Park and Abbey, and this large country park has plenty of woodlands and parklands to explore with paths and trails.  If you want to come without your dog then you can check out the stable block that has an art gallery and exhibitions.  Overall this is a lovely place to come and spend a good day out.  You can even stay at the Rufford Park Lodge for your holiday and they welcome holiday makers with pets, so what could be more perfect than to spend your Dog Friendly Cottage Holidays in Nottinghamshire here!