Dog Friendly Cottage Holidays in WiltshireIf you are considering taking Dog Friendly Cottage Holidays in Wiltshire you will discover that there is plenty to see and do both for you and your four legged friend. Holidays where the family pet can tag along are becoming more popular as people are choosing to stay in the UK for their holidays as opposed to going abroad. Taking your pet with you also means you can save the cost of kennelling fees too.

There are many great parks and gardens where you can walk with your pet on a lead. If you are Relax in Peaceful and Quiet Settings Throughout Wiltshiretaking Dog Friendly Cottage Holidays in Wiltshire then it might be a good idea to plan your days out in advance, that way you will know of any places that have restrictions with regards to dogs, as some places do not allow them at all.

Wiltshire has several wooded areas and public parks where it is safe to allow your dog to run free off the lead. Around children’s play areas it is perhaps best to put the dog back on the lead, especially if the dog tends to be excitable around other people.

Dog Friendly Cottage Holidays in Wiltshire are also great for those who have more than one dog. Many of the cottages for rent now allow more than one pet to stay, although you may have to book in Perfect Holiday Cottages Ideal for Petsadvance and give plenty of notice of your intention to take a pet. This type of cottage tends to have a large garden area or back onto, or be close to open spaces or woodland which makes them idea places to take your dog on holiday.

They are also located all over the county. This means you can book a cottage holiday suitable for pets close to larger towns or in peaceful and quiet villages. Whichever is your preference there is sure to be a cottage to suit your needs within your budget.