imageIt is always a worry for those with dogs who want to go away for a holiday. You worry that you will miss your pet or that the pet will miss you. Another problem could be who will look after it while you are away. The simple answer is to take your pet with you and choose Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages.

These cottages are often located next to large fields, pieces of woodland or even just cottages with a lot of garden area. There are also several accommodations that do not charge extra for your four legged friend to holiday with you.

“Bring the Whole Family with Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages”

There are many Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages right across the UK, which means you can enjoy your break away from the hustle and bustle of you daily life and your pet can go with you.  Whichever area of the UK you decide to holiday in there is a pet friendly accommodation nearby. This means that youimage don’t necessarily have to stay close to home; if your dog enjoys travelling in the car then it might be fun to go just that little further afield. If your dog has never seen a beach, then there are cottages that are dog friendly next on the coast. The choices are endless.

Top Tip..Check the Number of Dogs Allowed on the Dog Friendly Breaks Before Booking!

Some Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages might have a limit on the amount of dogs or the size of the dog allowed, but as each place is individual it is worth checking when reserving the accommodation.

Make arrangements with the cottage owner before you arrive. Advise the owner as to how many dogs you will be taking and check to see what extras you will need, such as a dog bed for inside the home. Some cottage owners might ask that if you are to allow your pet to stay on the beds or couches then to cover them with sheeting.