Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages in LincolnshireLincolnshire is a strange old county, being one of the largest counties in the whole of Britain, however it is one of the least known for a holiday, few think about it for getting away and enjoying some time off. But for those who have they will find a stunning location that has rarely been visited but has everything the holidaymaker could want. In a way it is hidden in its own little world which is what makes it such a lovely place to visit on holiday.  The Lincolnshire Wolds and the stunning coast are ideal for anyone that has a dog and if you are looking for self catering then the Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages in Lincolnshire are a number one choice.

“How About a Choice of 45 Locations and 61 Different Holiday Cottages that Love Dogs”

Charming Countryside Holiday CottagesOne of the ways to do this is to stay in one of the Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages in Lincolnshire which are great for those people who want to go away but can’t bare to leave their beloved pet behind. Many people are put off going on holiday, even though they really want to, because they have a pet and so many places won’t allow pets, especially going abroad when it is virtually impossible to take them along on the trip.

The only option was to leave them with friends or in a kennel which many were uncomfortable, so places Perfect Locations for Dog Friendly Holidayswhich allow dogs are always popular! They allow people to go away on a relaxing and enjoyable holiday without having to spend the whole time worrying what is happening to their pet.

There are many Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages in Lincolnshire so people don’t have to worry that they will have very little choice because of their dog, they can still stay anywhere in the county and have access to all the same experiences, such as the great city of Lincoln where visitors can go and see the Cathedral, all the medieval buildings and the Norman Castle, within which visitors can see one of the few remaining original copies of the Magna Carta.

Quiet and Secluded Holiday GetawaysOutside of the city there is also much to see and do, with the Lincolnshire Wolds there for everyone to explore with its hills and valleys, rivers and lakes, and all of them full of wildlife for all to see. This is where most of the holiday cottages are base din the county but there are others dotted all over the place. The whole county is also full of fantastic food which has been locally sourced and is a delight to eat.