Holiday Cottage Isle of Wight The county of Isle of Wight is famous as a major resort area in the southern England along the English Channel. Its principal topographical feature is the rising and falling chalk of hills traversed to the islands of Needles and nearby islets. Isle of Wight has a well preserved wilderness because it remains hidden from the travelers and tourists of the world. The vacation bases of this county are also known for its best accommodations which graces the beautiful and varied landscapes of the county. The Holiday Cottage Isle of Wight offers complete package of best accommodation choices, in which the facilities and services are like the five star hotels in the Metropolis. But unlike these hotels, their cottages are very affordable that you need not to ‘break a bank’ just to afford one.

The Holiday Cottage Isle of Wight is literally just a few steps away from the finest beaches and seas of England. Its mild and sunny climate is very idyllic for outdoor adventures and alfresco recreations. You could plunge to its blue waters the whole day and even scuba dive to the untouched depths of the seas. The cottage providers also offer ‘for rent’ motor Cosy Holiday Cottage in Isle Wight boats, barges and cruise ships. Wander to the dramatic scenery of the Isle of Wight and explore the nearby islands, at your own pace. At mid-afternoon, the blow of the winds in the seas become quite harsh, making it idyllic for wind surfing. Snorkeling is also a popular water sport in their fine beaches and seas.

Moreover, tourists from all over the world headed to Isle of Wight to visit the Regatta at Cowes. This is the chief yachting centre in England and home of the Royal Yacht Squadron since 1856. The Holiday Cottage Isle of Wight providers and staff organize a yacht race for all the townspeople and sojourning visitors from April to September. These are the most ideal months to visit this county especially during the celebration of the Cowes Week Regatta. Grab your unique holiday in the county of Isle of Wight and discover the hidden treasures of it.