Holiday Cottages Bath Bath is an ancient and historic city set in the English countryside and located 100 miles to the West of London in the county of Somerset. It was established in ancient Roman times and is the only naturally occurring hot spring spa in the whole country. Such spa treatment has been widely known to be great in helping you achieve optimum health. Peaceful, spacious and relaxing, Holiday Cottages Bath include great holiday cottage packages, complete accommodation packages and other holiday treats that would be enjoyed and loved by you and your loved ones.

A rural retreat standing in an elevated south facing position overlooking open countryside, Holiday Cottages Bath are ideally placed for walkers and cyclists with footpaths and lanes direct from the front door. Yet, it provides ideal and easy access to all the local facilities, unique villages, classic features and even modern amenities. With a very few minutes of walk, you can experience both sophisticated and luxurious holiday accommodation without needing to spend much of your earnings.

Stunning Choice of Cottages in and Around Bath With such perfect personal touches of Swiss style and English excellence to make your stay an enjoyable experience, Holiday Cottages Bath are kept clean, sanitized and fully-furnished to give you the maximum holiday experience. Giving you the privilege of getting good access with the mass media including free WI-FI internet access, digital TV and radio all contribute to a great holiday adventure in the countryside – a special home from home experience. So what are you waiting for? Get those things ready for a wonderful and memorable getaway with your loved ones, family and friends. Savour each moment and begin to love you holiday escapades like no other. Have lots of fun.