Holiday Cottages in North CornwallThe good thing about Holiday Cottages in North Cornwall is that they are available all year round. This means you cannot only enjoy the summer sun by booking one of these holidays; you can also enjoy special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries by getting away from it all.

If you are considering booking Holiday Cottages in North Cornwall then you will need to consider which location is best for you. If you prefer peace and quiet then staying near a lively town might not be the best idea. Also, during the summer months, many seaside towns even those that are quiet the rest of the year Wide Variety of Stunning Cottagesround will become busy. Day trippers and young families find they are drawn to the seaside when the weather is nice.  So often if you really want the perfect getaway from it all holiday or short break then you might want to stay a little bit away from the coast.  The beauty of this is the fact you are still within easy reach of the beaches, seaside resorts and all the fun and excitement, but you have somewhere to retreat back to and relax.

Cornwall is a lovely place to visit, and although it is right at the bottom end of the country, it is surprisingly easy to get to. Even those that don’t drive will find that taking a train to their chosen destination takes less time than you think. Public transport services are excellent, and there are several coach companies that can take you there too although this will take much longer than using the train.

Stylish Holiday Self Catering AcocmmodationSeaside and Countryside LocationsIdyllic Settings to Relax and Enjoy

Holiday Cottages in North Cornwall are a great way to spend summer holidays with the family. Cottages can be hired to suit families of all sizes. Many even allow pets to stay. They are also a really cost effective way to holiday for those with larger families. This is because you pay for the cottage and not per person as you would with a holiday abroad. Those that allow pets also do not usually charge extra. This means that you can save a lot of money in kennel fees, particularly if you have more than one dog that you are wishing to board.