Holiday Cottages in WalesWhen you opt for Holiday Cottages in Wales you will find that you are spoiled for choice. There are many villages, particularly in mid Wales that are home to nothing but cottages and holiday rentals are one of the main forms of business in the area.  You will find a massive selection of Holiday Cottages in Wales for you too choose from and the hardest part will be which one to choose to stay in!

Further inland there is the town of Tregaron, located between Lampeter and Aberystwyth and home to a variety of independent shops including many craft shops. Nearby is the Strata Florida Abbey, an ancient abbey which is run by the National Trust and which has regular archaeological digs taking place.

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Quaint Cottages Throughout WalesTowns such as New Quay – not to be confused with the more famous Newquay in Cornwall – are ideal for those looking for Holiday Cottages in Wales. The town is a former fishing village which has grown and now has the tourist industry as its main industry, with visitors taking advantage of the boat trips along the conservation coast to see the dolphins and other marine life as well as relaxing on the beach.

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The town of Aberystwyth is a university town but throughout the summer is mainly filled with tourists. Attractions such as the cliff-top railway, the pier and the remains of the castle still attract thousands Enjoy Added Extras Such as Private Hot Tubseach year. The town is surrounded by smaller villages where many of the cottages are available to rent. With the railway links in the town to the east of Wales and Birmingham it is perhaps one of the easiest places to reach for those holiday makers who do not have their own transport.

When staying in Holiday Cottages in Wales it is a good opportunity to try some of the local specialities such as Bara Brith, which is a fruit cake/bread and cawl, a traditional Welsh stew which can be made with a variety of ingredients depending upon availability.  There are just so many ways you can spend your time when you are on your holiday or short break in the Holiday Cottages in Wales, and you will have a different holiday every time.