Luxury Holiday Cottages in UK There are holiday cottages and then there are the Luxury Holiday Cottages in the UK.  If you really want your holiday break to be the best of the best then these are the selection you must see.  With over 185 cottages throughout the UK that have been hand picked as the luxury ones you are guaranteed that each and every one of them will be the best holiday choice for you.

Wonderful Countryside Locations There are many reasons why a cottage is chosen to be one of the luxury ones and this can be due to the location, the interior finish and design, comfort levels or the additional facilities you may be able to enjoy when staying there.  The location for your holiday cottage will be most important, for many people they like to stay nearby to heritage sites, beaches, countryside or local attractions and many of the Luxury Holiday Cottages in the UK are in places where you can easily access all of the best areas.

Hot Tubs and Swimming Pools If you are looking for comfort from your cottage holiday then maybe you want up to date and modern furnishings, all the latest mod cons such as DVD, Satellite Television or modern and well equipped kitchens and the Luxury Holiday Cottages in the UK can give you all this and much more.  Like many other types of holiday the consumer is demanding more and more and facilities have become a big part of holidays and swimming pools, hot tubs and access to leisure facilities are all part of the holiday experience.  The cottage industry has not wanted to miss out on this and there are now cottage complexes that provide this and much more for your enjoyment during your stay.