North Wales Cottage Holidays The peninsula of Wales is almost entirely covered by mountains. The highest peak in Wales is the Snowdon which is located in the Cambrian Mountains. These stretches of mountains formed beguiling milieus in the main cities and villages. One of the most beautiful sites in Wales is the Northern Wales where you can find the famous Halrech Castle, one of the six Welsh strongholds that were built by Edward I in the late 13th century. The surrounding hilly terrains plus the magnificent view from the castle constitutes the exquisiteness of the North Wales. Amongst the regions of Wales, it is the most visited by the international tourists and local sojourners. When they arrived at the heart of North Wales, they always find their vacation base at North Wales Cottage Holidays, where the visitors could perfectly unwind, discover and explore the county.

The North Wales Cottage Holidays offer the sojourners a haven where you can stay for a short break, holiday treat or any special occasions. The cottages are fully furnished with first class facilities and interior displays which you will surely Cosy Cottage Holidays in North Wales find convenience and satisfaction. Most of it has two bedrooms, spacious lounge, mini dining area and a lavatory. There is also a spacious garden outside of each cottage. The garden could serve as the parking area or a place where the family could have an alfresco dining and picnic. The garden has an overlooking beautiful and varied landscapes and antiquated architectures.

More than simply sight-seeing, the North Wales Cottage Holidays offer its visitors a range of recreational facilities – a sports area where you can play basketball, lawn tennis or volleyball. There is also a nearby golf club and a public library. Few miles away from the cottages are the stunning beach where you can swim all day. But if you want a more adventurous trip, you could go hike, trek or camp in the miles away mountains and hills. The cottages offer not merely relaxation but the opportunity to explore and discover the beauty of North Wales. Book one of the cottages now!